He started watching the anime known as "the mumkey cinematic universe" in early 2017 and was instantly hooked. He became friends with luigi tortellini, another fan of the cinematic universe, and they created a server to roleplay and discuss their favorite anime with other fans.


He has a good jacket profile picture unlike Autbelli, seriously that picture sucks, he is a supreme gentleman and he always tips his fedora to girls.


"I will dedicate my life to killing the J.E.W.S. for you mumkey!"

"I'm a Hotline Miami fan so I'm a cool person."

"Passion of the Christ sucks compared to Munkey Jones stops a school shooting."


"That's a personal problem."

"I relate to Vincent the atheist on a deep level."


He runs a fan server with his friend Luigi Tortellini.

He watches animes such as Cory Taihen and Caillou but much prefers The Mumkey Cinematic Universe.

Munkey Jones stops a school shooting is his all time favorite movie.

He makes self insert characters on the mumkey jones wiki.

He's a dumb retard who always complains when he sees a trap. Get some taste!