"Listen up coppers, you are wasting your time by coming here. You know why? Because I am the author of my own destiny, I play by my own rules, and if you think you are going to bring me down, then you are out of your minds! Duane, I love you."
~Vincent's final speech before committing suicide
Vincent the Atheist is a character from the "edgy short film" saga in which this character shoots his own grandmother, and a young girl who could either be his cousin or sister. He is also known as Vincent the Antichrist in the God and Jesus Show.

Vincent's Origin

Vincent is shown to be an asshole from the scene where he was making fun of the Holy Spirit. His reason for the assholery was because he is sad and alone, for he was born in a religious family, and when Vincent came out to his family about being an Atheist, his grandma laughed at him and told him he was an idiot and how God was all around him and now he is going to burn in Hell if he doesn't start thinking straight. He went to church with his friend, and killed God with a sucker punch, and became God himself.


Vincent the Atheist hangs out in his filthy clubhouse doing atheist stuff like eating babies, watching child pornography, and worshiping Satan.

Vincent's Retribution

Shortly after the whole God fiasco, Vincent met Duane. They both sympathized with each other, and became friends. They shared their life stories about rejection and humiliation and Vincent realized how cruel the world is. How people like them have to suffer while, others enjoy themselves. They decided to kill everyone who has ever wronged them. Vincent killed his grandma and many others, while Duane killed everyone who rejected him. After meeting back at the clubhouse, Duane reveals that the cops are on their asses, and that they are cornered. Vincent saw no other way out and he revealed his love for Duane, kissed him, and ended his own life.

Munkey Jones Stops A School Shooting

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Vincent appeared as the main antagonist in the 2018 short film, Munkey Jones Stops A School Shooting, where he is a delinquent who is sent a to Christian private school. He was made fun of the class because of the fact that he was atheist. After meeting another atheist student, Fabulous Feline, they become friends and decide to shoot up the school, but they are killed by Munkey, as Munkey Jones Stops A School Shooting.