The war began as Freak sent an invite to the r/Nintendo discord server, along with screenshots of how autistic they were acting when he said the classic lyrics to the greatest Spanish pop song, Despacito. The mods here were clearly racist and xenophobic, as only a person like that would hate such an amazing song.



A few hours after this first racist attack, the rest of the server decided to join, and what they were met with was quite the racist show, as even mrmeatman, obvious african american was harrased to the point of getting kicked for no reason. Along with this, the mods told various members that they had "moles" looking for the server's ips, and they were going to shut down the server.


After hours of switching to alts and getting more racist attacks, such as getting told that if you like Israel, then you are Turkish, which is an obvious act of terrorism if I ever heard of it. Obvious gangleader mole, Anty, told the mods about the server, and at that point, the server was just sick of their racist bulling ways, and left.

Despacito 2