Johnny Cooper is a small YouTuber that was raided by Mumkey Jones, Sheepover and the Mumkey Crew multiple times on streams. During the first raid which was named "Mumkey Jones raids stream and announces me as the new Yeti (Ft. BryanKeenDeep & Mumkey Jones)" Mumkey announces Johnny Cooper as the "New Yeti" and Johnny's sidekick, Bryan Deep, "New Keena". In a stream made in Mumkey Jones 2, Mumkey announces Johnny Cooper 64 as his Favorite Streamer.

Before all this, Johnny Cooper ran away to Tokyo where he was abducted by the Mumkey Jones and the Mumkey Gang who where going to do sexual, unspeakable acts to him but later decided to keep Cooper as their own. For Cooper to understand the languages of aliens in the galaxy, he was sent to a prostitute at the age of 8 to implement a translation chip in his balls after having hardcore sex with the woman.

Mumkey Jones, the leader of the Mumkey Gang was Johnny's father like figure and also mentor, who trained him to steal all the items from people around the galaxy. From NIjnjdwr to Bill Gates. Bringing in tons of treasure to the Mumkey Gang. As a teenager, he was always getting into fights and having sex with his neighbors and even the neighbor's mother. He was got caught a few times trying to steal stuff from Mumkey Jones' room and was later send to galaxy school for 4 years. There are theories out there that state that Mumkey Jones has raped Johnny Cooper multiple times as a kid. It is unknown if Cooper liked it or not.