Endless Jess is a member of the PCP and the biggest pussy in the entire world. He is a participant in Cream War II and is currently losing.

Jess Vs Criticism

His tough guy persona is a front to avoid criticism from his viewers. He acts as though his autistic rampages are just a character or an extreme exaggeration when in reality he is not playing it up a large majority of the time. He takes any form of criticism or negativity from his commentators as a personal attack and refuses to listen to what they have to say. He can't take a joke and responds to insults with what is essentially the intellectual equivalent of "No you are the stupid one". His videos are all tinted yellow and when told this he throws a fit and cries for two weeks. He banned most of the Sexual Deviants from the PCP server like a little bitch because he saw that they made this wiki.

Hi Jess, it's me Cream Man

Hi Jess fancy meeting you here. To be honest I didn't write most of this, but I see that it is really getting to you. If you want to discuss terms of surrender talk to Mumkey and I'm sure he can hook us up and you can still save face from looking like a compulsive 9 year old who can't handle the criticism of random strangers online.


  • "Heh nothin' personel, kid. #banned"
  • "What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? #banned"
  • "Fuck my fans all my comments are shit! Support me on Patreon for more content like this."
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