"Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" is a series of novels discussing the trials and tribulations of the well-known anime protagonist Greg Heffley. These novels were created into a trilogy of high budget blockbusters mostly appealing to children, but in the years since has gained a significant following of adults who appreciate the aging of the films (think of a fine red wine).

In Mumkey's video "How They Ruined 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' ", he reveals his love of the original film trilogy, and his personal theory that Greg Heffley is a psychopath. He goes over this theory multiple times stating his belief that Greg is an opportunist and master manipulator, citing how he took advantage of his friend's broken arm. Daddy Mumkey asked the author, Jeff Kinney, about this theory on a reddit AMA, but Kinney called Greg more of a 'Larry David' character.

In 2017, the film "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul" released to critical disapproval. This was mostly due to a cast of less than mediocre actors that replaced a cast of excellent thespians. The film also suffered from a poor story and characters that lacked the emotional complexity of those in the previous trilogy (DoaWK, Rodrick Rules, Dog Days); Manny was a saving grace of the film but was too little too late for the film.